Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Yesterday was a great day. Goes down as one of the all time bests at Auburn. The day was spent with the same group of amazing people the entire day. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I haven't laughed that hard/much in one day in a very long time. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Just like everything in life, you go through rough patches. Those times that you doubt if you are really where you are supposed to be. When you question what you're doing and where you go from here. Well after this weekend I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I know that I'm exactly where the Lord wants me. I'm surrounded by such beautiful people, inside and out. People that you can't help but smile when you're around them. These are the people that I know will carry me through my years at Auburn, the good and the bad. I love them so much and cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses our friendship. I pray everyday that we would push each other closer together and closer to the Lord. That, in my mind is what true friendship is all about. It's laughing until the point of tears at something that isn't that funny. It's one liners that when said, no matter how many years later, will still be funny. It's being ok with not going out on a Saturday night because pj's and a movie sound much better. I am so blessed to have these people to do life with.

On a much lighter note, today hasn't been too shabby either. We got up and went to church. We being: Sally, Ballard, Carroll Anna, Laura, and myself. We decided to save a little money and let the Tiger Card buy us lunch. We settled for Au Bon Pain, not ideal but it worked. Then I went back to the room with the intentions of taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap. I was doing a little fb stalking before I dozed off when someone began to violently bang on my door. Naturally, I get up to find the source of the ruckus. I open the door to find:

I've never been too big on the whole surprise deal, so naturally I found myself a little frazzled. I did what it said though. One card lead to another, each with a number on it followed by the room number where the next card would be found. After exactly 7 of these I ended up in Carroll Anna's room where her and Sally were waiting for me. Oh, I had picked up E-Dunk along the way. The 7 numbers, if you haven't guessed made up a phone number. I called it and after a slightly awkward period where I couldn't really tell who it was, I figured out it was Mark. He asked me to accompany him to Orlando for the Farmhouse formal. I said yes of course! I'm so excited. This really has been an amazing weekend. So much fun. Look forward to many more in my years here at Auburn. War Eagle!


  1. Brook, way to not tell me about farmhouse formal! geez! only kidding! that is so exciting, it will be so much fun!

  2. girl. we are going to O-town together. yessss