Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guess I'm a Blogger

So I’m new to this whole blogging thing. Me, SallyC, and Ballard are starting blogs together. I’m not sure where this is going to go or what I may say. I do know that there will be some funny junk mixed with the occasional life lesson. I’ve found that I encounter many of those, life lessons that it. The Lord is constantly teaching, opening new doors, and closing the occasional one as well. My life, there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure. My friends are amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. I love Auburn so much that it’s slightly ridiculous. I know the Lord has great things in store for this place. I hope to play just a small part in that. Jesus is my rock and I fall humbly at His feet daily.

So enough about that, shall we talk about the events of the evening. Dinner and a movie were on the agenda. We went to eat then made a much needed run to CVS. For what? You may ask. For candy, of course. I grabbed my Twizzlers, not the orig but the pull and peel, much better in my opinion. Unfortunately, all they had was the king size, value pack or whatever you want to call it. You get the picture, it was huge, a foot long at least. When planning to sneak outside candy into the movie theater, buying the largest package of candy possible is not advised. Ballard was nominated the smuggler, if you will, of the group. Mainly because she totes around a monstrosity of a purse all the time. One that in this particular predicament that we currently found ourself in, was ideal. After cramming as much as physically possible into her bag, I began to notice Ballard walking with somewhat of a swagger. Guess it was the 30 lb bag she was lugging around. We were the first in line because we learned our lesson last time when we moseyed in during the previews to find ourselves seatless. That was not going to happen this time. Middle and center this time….perfection. Justin Beiber’s One Less Lonely Girl music video came on. Needless to say Ballard and I broke out into song. I can’t say that I wouldn’t marry him if he happen to ask me. I could look past the age thing. Irrelevant, so the movie, “Dear John.” One word: WOW. Channing Tattum was beautiful. As the movie progressed, the excessive sobbing of those around me increased dramatically. There was one point that I became legit concerned about Ballard. One would have thought that it was actually the love of her life overseas. That half a roll of toilet paper that she brought along did not suffice. Me on the other hand, I have what some may call a personality flaw, I simply cannot be brought to tears by means of a movie. The Notebook didn’t even do it to me. People have many different ways of expressing emotion, for me, crying just isn’t one that I utilize too terribly often. That was until tonight. Dear John got me. I am admitting, in front of God and everyone that I did indeed shed a tear or two tonight. My mom would be so proud. So then came the passionate expression of love between John and Savannah, if you know what I mean. The theater was silent, all tear filled eyes focusing intently on the screen when the ice was broken by a rando in the audience. Let’s call her Suzie, Suzie Sneeze-A-Lot. Anyway she sneezed a nasty one from across the room. The timing was impeccable. No one knew how to react at first but then the entire room broke out into laughter. Thank you for that. It made for some great post-movie conversation. Good Times. Great night.

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