Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Will Rise

Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. Why do bad things happen to such good people. I guess that is the million dollar question that we will just have to ask the Big Man when we meet Him. I find myself dwelling in that very question all too often, especially lately. How could God in his infinite power allow such horrible things to happen in this world? If we are constantly trying to find the answer to that question we will miss out on the simple joys of life. The only solution I have found is this. We have to rest in the fact that He is in control. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. That is a concept I have found extremely hard to grasp. I have a hard time seeing things outside of my world. I have to step back and realize that there are, contrary to popular belief, other people in this world. We get wrapped up in ourselves, only focusing on how the situation is effecting us. All the while if we would just step back and focus instead on the big picture we might be able see how things are have been beautifully orchestrated by our Heavenly Father. I can't wait to see this "big picture" that I hear so much about. Me and God are going to have to discuss some things. I know I am going to be completely blown away when I do see it though. The things we never understood will be so clear, but until then we will simply have to trust. Trust that He is all powerful and completely, 100% in control. With God on our side who could be against us? How true. In the car with Sally C yesterday we listened to one of my favorite songs. "I Will Rise" It says "I will rise when He calls my name. No more sorrow, no more pain. I will rise on eagle's wings. Before my God, fall on my knees, and Rise."

Anxiously waiting for that day.

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