Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Been a While...

It really has been quite a little while since I've blogged, not to say that I've had nothing to blog about. There are many stories that I could enlighten you all with but unfortunately there just isn't enough time so I'll have to make this fairly short and sweet. Farmhouse formal was great. We had so much fun in Orlando. Islands of Adventure was the highlight of the weekend for sure. Somehow, throughout the whole day our timing seemed to be impeccable. We would hop in line and barely have to wait at all. sometimes even getting to ride it one time right after the other. That'll get you sometimes. Enough about Orlando, on to another formal. It really is the season of formals. I believe it will always be slightly awkward for a girl to ask a guy to anything. Something deep inside me feels like that isn't how it is supposed to be but what can I do? Nothing, that's what, just roll with it. We all have to do it I guess. Well I did it. I had to ask somebody to our formal, which is this Friday might I add. Talk about procrastination. I have always known that this was an epic flaw of mine but leave it to college to bring out the best in you. My art of procrastination has gotten progressively worse over the semester and a half that we've been here. It hit me today that I am half way through the second semester of t my freshman year. Where has it gone? I really do get slightly teary eyed thinking about moving out of this dorm, as stinky as it may be. I have made such great friends here. We are just one big Owen family and I wouldn't want it any other way!! The Lord has surrounded me with such beautiful friends, inside and out. I am so blessed. I wish I could go on but quite honestly I am struggling to stay awake so unfortunately this is where it ends. It's going to be a crazy stress filled week. Prayers will be greatly appreciated.

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